Who is myGaze Assistive suited for and what can you do with it?

Everything you can do with a mouse!

The myGaze Assistive system will follow your gaze on the screen and let you move the cursor and issue mouse commands through multiple input methods such as "dwell" (continuous gaze fixation), "blink" (closing/opening your eyes) and "switch" (gaze fixation combined with a keypress). 

myGaze Assistive is designed to support children of various abilities as well as adults who seek independence in their communication and PC access.

Find out about all the possibilities myGaze Assistive provides and learn about other users' experience on our product site. 

How does it cope with drooping eyelids?

The pupil needs to be visible in order to ensure the eye gaze functions. 

Does myGaze work well with dark and light irises?

Visual color of the irises is not directly linked to the performance of the eye tracker. It is the contrast of the infrared color that matters. 

Will myGaze Assistive work on my machine?

Will myGaze Assistive work with glasses and contact lenses?

myGaze Assistive works with most glasses and contact lenses.

How do I set up and use the myGaze Assistive?

Setting up and operating the system is easy:

1) Study the Quick Start Guide

2) Watch the Get Started Video

3) Learn from the Owner Manual (in the Visual Interaction folder on your PC after installing the software)