The myGaze n Eye Tracker

myGaze® n is the successor of our original myGaze – the revolutionary eye tracker that in 2013 led the market in innovation towards affordable and robust gaze interaction.

The new powerful eye tracking engine behind myGaze® n has been developed by the leading R&D team in the industry. It redefines yet again the standard of excellence in eye tracking, providing superior precision and accuracy regardless of age and ethnicity. Its fourfold larger tracking range means that the positioning of the user in front of the eye tracker is no longer a concern. Its USB 3.0 connection port supports optimal performance and speed in addition to achieving significant battery savings on new laptops and tablets.

Together with its light aluminum body and slim ergonomic design, myGaze® n delivers a premium experience of its own class. It is a symbol of our commitment at Visual Interaction to performance, style and simplicity.

What is included

The myGaze® n peripheral includes the eye tracker and the eye tracking driver. It does NOT include the SDK for software development and is NOT compatible with myGaze Assistive software.

SDK Licenses

The myGaze® n SDK is available with 3 different license options to support the needs of single developers, academics and enterprises.

Developer License SDK

 'I want advanced but affordable technology to develop bleeding-edge applications and distribute them globally...'

 A non-commercial license kit, recommended for entities with less than EUR 100,000 of turnover, includes:

ü  myGaze eye tracker

ü  SDK with full data access

ü  Email support

ü  Distribution rights for the myGaze App Store & promotional support

Academic License SDK

'We look for an affordable solution compatible with diverse programming languages and interfaces to run data analysis and produce leading research and applications...'

 A multi-seat license kit for academic institutions, includes: myGaze eye tracker 

ü  SDK with full data access

ü  Email support

ü  Multi-seat license (scale up your lab with each additional peripheral for just $ / €499,-)  

ü  Distribution rights for the myGaze App Store & promotional support  

Enterprise License SDK

'To remain a market leader we need to continue to provide the best usable interaction solutions in our category for a compelling price...'

A commercial license kit, recommended for businesses with more than EUR 100,000 of revenue, includes:

ü  myGaze eye tracker 

ü  SDK with full data access

ü  Telephone support

ü  Full Commercial rights

ü  Distribution rights for the myGaze App Store & promotional support  




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