Meet The myGaze Eye Tracker

The myGaze Eye Tracker relies on supreme technology to provide robustness and ease of use for customers on limited budget.  

Low Latency Smart Binocular Eye Tracking

For all gaze interaction applications low latency is crucial. With less than 50ms system latency the myGaze® gaze tracker is a leader in its class. The smart binocular gaze tracking mode compensates when one eye is temporally not traceable and continues tracking the remaining eye.  

Optimal Performance

The myGaze® is specifically designed for a wide range of participants and applications where robustness is important, and for different conditions of eye color, age, glasses, contact lenses, or environmental lighting, where an optimal performance is needed.

Easy and Quick Set-up

To setup the myGaze® gaze tracker peripheral simply snap the 130g module onto your monitor or laptop using the magnetic mounting, start the myGaze core software and have it  set up the system for you. The myGaze® offers a calibration free operating mode which instantly tracks the user's gaze without any additional setup. For more accurate gaze tracking you have the option of several alternative calibration modes.