myGaze Professional UX Gaze Tracking Lab for Morae 3.3

Deeper insights at an affordable price

Our solution provides an objective and cost-effective understanding of how people look at monitor based applications. Utilizing eye tracking brings valuable content and meaning to your UX results.

Fully portable UX gaze tracking lab

The myGaze® Professional Gaze Tracking Lab supports the Morae 3.3. Package by Techsmith for:

•    Morae Recorder, 
•    Morae Observer and 
•    Morae Manager

The myGaze® Professional Gaze Tracking Lab for Morae 3.3 is light and portable. It consists of the myGaze®gaze tracker and the software plugin for Morae 3.3.

Start observing live gaze behavior quickly and easily

After the fully automatic calibration which takes only seconds you are ready to start streaming and observing user's live gaze behavior in Morae Observer. Capture on-the-spot clues from gaze and fixation events and conduct real time instructions and questionnaires.

Capture the critical insights into the user's experience

Study the gaze overlaid recordings in Morae Manager and export data of the user’s gaze trail and fixation events. Enhance your analysis with statistics software of choice such as MATLAB®, SPSS®, Excel™.

Create convincing and professional presentations

Visualize the user’s gaze behavior for your audience by exporting video recordings directly to your presentation or screencast.


Peak Usability (Morae)

"Our clients are impressed! myGaze eye tracking system gives insight into the actual issue! Very useful output from a “buy-in” point of view."

Tania Lang

AGConsult (Morae)

"My clients are now requesting that I use the myGaze Lab in my consulting & training sessions. What a good designer can do with such new insights is remarkable!"

Karl Gilis

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