Simple yet powerful eye gaze control

myGaze Power gives people with disabilities the ability to control the PC – as they would by using the keyboard and mouse. It is an intuitive, quick and powerful way to access everything on the computer: the Internet and social media, music and video players, electronic books and games, communication software, emails, MS Office and much more. It empowers people to preserve their independence and reach their aspirations.

What’s included?

myGaze n Assistive Eye Tracker

Reliable and Hi-Performing Eye Gaze
by the lead

Reliable – consistently superior performance irrespective of age, eye color and ethnicity. Product of 25 years of R&D.

Robust – far-reaching tracking range ensures optimal tracking also for children and users with positioning difficulties and involuntary movements.

Portable – slim and light aluminium design makes it an easy addition to a speech device and to a classroom.

EyeMouse Power Software

Intuitive, Powerful and
Quick Windows Control.

Simple – Start Wizard gets you going in just a few easy steps. No technical experience needed.

Powerful – complete control of all mouse and keyboard functions in any Windows program. Each area on the screen accessible with pixel accuracy.

Intuitive – simple, user friendly interface ergonomically designed to reduce cognitive strain and fatigue even for our very active ‘Power’ users. Fully gaze accessible menu for those who prefer to have control and independence at all times.

What can you do with it?

Everything you can do with a PC mouse and a keyboard. myGaze Power allows you to continue to communicate, work, socialize and have fun - despite your disability.

Communicate – use communication software, email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and other social media to connect with people everywhere.

Educate – include students in the classroom by letting them make use of the same study materials as their peers, of the web browsers for research and allowing them to participate in discussions.

Work – regain your productivity and potential. Use MS Office and other professional software efficiently for your work or hobbies, such as writing, programming, or designing.

Live – enjoy music and video, play games with family, read electronic books, blog and do so much more.