Simple plug & play system for various abilities

myGaze® Assistive 2, created by Visual Interaction, is gaze control of computer programs made easy and affordable. It is well suited for special needs students and their teachers as well as adults who rely on gaze for communication and environment control. No more expensive specialist support and training!

         •      Plug & Play – no training & support required
         •      No-fail calibration 
         •      Works like a mouse with most software
         •      Unique classroom features

What’s included?


1. myGaze Eye Tracker

A state of the art device!

Tracks where your eyes are looking and turns that into computer control.

2. EyeMouse Play

World’s first easy-to-use eye mouse

Designed for the needs of ‘independent’ users as well as ‘supported’ users and their teachers and parents.

Who is it for?

The easiest way to get started with eye gaze and progress to AAC.

     Supported User:

     •      No-fail calibration!
     •      Intuitive positioning cues
     •      Unique classroom features

Using a switch? Try myGaze! No more fear of failure or discouragement. With our 0- and 1-point calibration everyone can get started right away to enjoy hundreds of fun activities.

     Independent User:

     •      Progress at your own pace
     •      Open desktop applications
     •      Try a 5-point calibration

Use as a mouse to access same resources as peers and achieve high educational goals. Discover many new activities to refine access skills and participate and communicate.


     AAC and PC User:

  • 9-point calibration for pixel accuracy
  • Fully independent PC access and settings
  • Grid 3 integration


Communicate. Control your surroundings. Work. Live well.

myGaze Assistive Learning

For ALL your favorite activities in the classroom and at home.

Assess: You can now objectively observe what a student can attend to and notice on screen.

Include: Students can emulate mouse access, use the same resources as their peers and achieve higher educational goals using eye gaze.

Engage: Many fun activities to refine access skills and encourage gaze users to participate & communicate more.

Empower: No limit! Skilled users can use myGaze with software for full PC access and even control the environment.

Set up was incredibly easy, as is using it… Sally very quickly understood she was activating the program with her eyes… I can‘t describe the feeling we all had when we realized she could do it, it was one of those goose bump moments, we all felt it at the same time!

---- Carol Allen, Beacon Hill

myGaze has given Declan the opportunity to navigate around different activities with confidence which would not have been possible using a switch.”

---- Jennette Holden, AAC Specialist, Pendle View Primary School


Essential Guide:
Eye Gaze in the Classroom